Artists Open Studios – Peterborough

So excited to be exhibiting for my 2nd year of Peterborough Artists Open Studios.

This year I’ve selected one weekend only to exhibit – 1 & 2 July, but the exhibition may be available selected evenings the following week – send me an email if you can’t make it over the weekend.

I met some wonderful people during last years show, and loved the anticipation of not knowing who would arrive next! From old friends turning up unexpectedly to new friends arriving and buying original artwork, neighbours I had never spoken to popping in and a couple who were seeking out a commission. It was just a great way of connecting as well as people getting to know my work.

I worked with a couple just a few streets away on a commission into the Autumn and this was the final piece. It was a great opportunity for me, and so good to see them enjoy their piece. A real learning time as well as to how I need to work and balancing what people want with my own style and building confidence.


I’ve made some great friends from that show too – and Michael and Nick Mitchell have been amazing at sorting my garden in preparation for PAOS 2017. Next year it has to be Michael’s turn to exhibit himself!

During the year I’ve also got to know Raj at Ferry Meadows cafe and have five butterfly pieces up at the cafe.

I also returned from India in February to connect with Jo at the Vintage Emporium in Werrington, and now have over 20 pieces exhibited there. It’s been such a positive experience connecting and seeing the amazing support and encouragement around the city for artists and indi retailers. Total joy!

So here is a little preview of some of my new pieces. It’s been a surprising few months with two trips to India – Kolkata & Mumbai and I’ll be heading back just a couple of weeks after PAOS to visit some projects.

The experiences I’ve had with The Leprosy Mission on these trips, and the people I’ve met have had a profound impact on me – and I think that’s coming through in my artwork now. Balloons have become my signature – and they symbolise hope and expectancy and surprise. Maybe a bit of adventure too.

As soon as I saw you I knew an adventure was going to happen (1)

The biggest part of this is an overwhelming sense of hope in the midst of difficulty for people suffering stigma isolation and disability because of leprosy in India, but also as we see all our country and world is going through. Sometimes in life there are no easy answers, but I have a hope that is steadfast and certain, and I think the overwhelming response across the planet of people loving and supporting others is a part of that hope too.



So *my hope* is that my little bit of PAOS will provoke some deeper thoughts and fun and joy – as well as some great artwork, connections and Pimms this weekend!

Look forward to seeing you there,

Lizzy xx




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