What the caterpillar calls the end of the world the master calls a butterfly

I’ve often been labelled a social butterfly. I love people. I love new places and seeing new things. Finding out what makes people tick. I don’t think you can ever have enough friends… but there are times when you have to take stock and make sure the family and friend you really need to love and value have your special attention and affection.

Our networks (online or physical) can easily become fragile and stretched (and shallow) when you flit too much. I love the diverse people in my life – and genuinely think the world of them all. Different people bring out different aspects of our own character.

In the same way I suppose I’m going through a transition. A time of trying to focus and find the places and things I really love and value and give *them* my special attention so they grow and flourish. It’s easy to become the jack of all trades when you have a wide variety of interests. I have had to do that in my creativity – put away the boxes and boxes of craft and art supplies that have built up over the years and focus on watercolours and inks. To grow in something you have to cut back the other things – the oils, pastels, oil pastels, felts, colouring pencils, stamper sets, knitting needles – they’ve all been put aside over the last few years. Now when I feel creative I get the watercolours and inks out instead of trying something new. And I love it. That’s where I find myself this New Year – trying to focus on the right things for me to grow in – and that means letting go of a multitude of other things first. Sometimes things have to end before you can see a new beginning.

So here are some brand new watercolour and inks pieces. I’ve painted them because Raj who owns the Lakeside Kitchen & Bar really likes butterflies and wanted some for his walls. Hoping they will appear there this week… and the display will start to grow as I paint more.

Make sure you pop in Lakeside Kitchen (follow me on Facebook to find out when they are up!)

They’re for sale on my etsy shop. Cards and prints to come too.

Lizzy xxx



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