New friends, Old friends & Painting at Sheringham

Had a fab weekend at Sheringham in March with friends Bex & Ian, and their gorgeous toddler Nöelle. We walked, talked, planned, encouraged, ran around the beach, jumped in the waves (in our boots it was … freezing!) made sand castles, drank big mugs of coffee and ate amazing bacon sandwiches at The Funky Mackerel near the sea front. It was exactly what I needed. It is great when friends realise you need a break and then invite you away. Truly blessed.


Of course… I loved having the opportunity to be by the sea. I’m so inspired by the wide open space, the sea disappearing into the horizon – no end in sight. Waves lapping against the beach. Crashing against the rocks. After waving goodbye to my friends on the Sunday afternoon, I decided to spend another hour or so on the beach.


I found a take-away coffee to keep me warm and some rocks to sit on, with a pool of sea water so I could paint (I love making sure some sea water and sand end up in my paintings!)


So there I was wrapped up warm putting the finishing touches to my painting, when I suddenly saw a familiar face… an old colleague Lizzie, her husband and children had come back to Sheringham to visit family for the weekend. LOVELY to catch up after about eight years… !

Before I left I popped into chat to the great people at The Funky Mackerel and show them some of my work. You might find a few of my paintings hung there in the not too distant future.

Here are the paintings. Currently for sale in my Etsy shop xx


IMG_20160313_144546608 (1)





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