Memories of Pemba

Unbelievably a year has passed since I was in this incredible place.


I still can’t quite believe I had the privilege to go. It was a really special time.


To be honest, I was pretty apprehensive. I had never been to Africa before, never managed a fundraising trip before, or helped with managing filming, or written scripts, or any of the other things I got the opportunity to do! It was five days filled with emotions and experiences I’d never had before.

I work for an overseas development organisation. We work with the most marginalised and often poverty stricken communities around the world. This trip was to capture the need and circumstances surrounding a self-help programme in Mozambique.


I’m over-the-moon to say that the trip was a great success, I got to spend time with some amazing people, and the fundraising that followed was beyond anything we’d hoped for. Needless to say the lives of those living in 80 rural communities in Cabo Delgado will be forever altered. Very humbling and healthy to recognise that we really don’t have a clue as to how most of the world lives.


I fell in love with the people, the scenery. The coastline here is what I imagine paradise to be like. It is poverty against a backdrop of beauty and the very rich come here to holiday.  As we drove through Montepuez, often passing children and women carrying water home, there was a Bentley parked up at the side of the dusty road. Attracted by the Ruby mines in that area. A place of huge contrasts.


I wasn’t surprised that i felt I had to paint, but that wasn’t what I was there for. Instead I  took lots of pictures, ready to paint from when I got home.

These are the biggest canvas’s I’ve painted… I don’t know why that is. Maybe to really try and capture my feeling for this place, I needed space to do it!

I do hope do go back one day… both paintings are for sale on my  Etsy shop xx



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